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We’ve Just Updated Our Coming Home Book!

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Now in its 8th edition, Comhlámh’s updated Coming Home Book will shortly be available to help guide people through the highs and lows of returning from an overseas placement.

We have been listening to the experiences of returning volunteers and development workers since 1975, and the ideas outlined in this book reflect their collective wisdom.

Our members are often returning from an experience that has had a very deep and profound impact upon them, one which they are determined to ‘do something with’.

If you are a returnee, the Coming Home Book will support you as you find your feet again, including advice on the practical matters of social welfare, career guidance and taking care of your psychological wellbeing.

It will also help you find your voice in speaking out on issues of global and local justice; to learn, and to lend your skills to express solidarity with those struggling against global injustice around the world. Comhlámh is very grateful to Jekaterina Saveljeva for her beautiful design work on the updated book; the content was revised by our Information and Support Services officer, Janet Horner, and you can pre-order copies by contacting her at [email protected] .


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