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So Who Took The #AlternativeTrade Mandate Pledge?

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The elections are almost upon us, and the campaign for the Alternative Trade Mandate is well underway. Grainne O’Neill looks at how the campaign is faring.

The Comhlámh Trade Justice group have been at the forefront of promoting this campaign here in Ireland – a Europe-wide campaign which has so far secured the commitment of more than 185 MEP candidates across Europe. The aim is to secure a warm majority of MEPs in the European parliament to make the ‘asks’ of the Alternative Trade Mandate (to make trade and investment work for people and planet) become a reality.

Currently the EU is promoting trade that secures big profits for large multinational companies at the expense of people and the environment. The Alternative Trade Mandate is calling for trade and investment rules that would provide a sustainable way to lift millions out of poverty, by protecting vulnerable countries, generating jobs, promoting human rights and labour standards including safe working conditions, and protecting the environment.

The European Elections provides a great opportunity to elect MEPs who are going to raise these issues in Europe and discuss them openly in Ireland.

The MEP candidates who have already signed the Alternative Trade Mandate pledge are: Anna Lo, Brid Smith, Diarmuid O’Flynn, Eamon Ryan, Lynn Boylan, Martina Anderson, Matt Carthy, Nessa Childers, Pat Ramsey, Paul Murphy, Ross Brown. We are encouraging Comhlámh supporters and anyone who is interested in trade justice issues to consider supporting. MEP candidates who have signed the Alternative Trade Mandate – and when they are elected to remind them of their commitment to this pledge.

It has been a testament to the commitment of Comhlámh members, who have been lobbying their MEP candidates across the country. It is a reminder of the strength and solidarity that exists within such a network, as well as the massive support for trade justice that exists among Comhlámh members.

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