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Congratulation to Nita On Finishing The Marathon.

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If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll remember that board member Nita Mishra, took part in the Dublin Women’s Marathon over the June Bank Holiday weekend.

It was all in an effort to raise money for our members groups. We asked her how she got on. She had this to say:

“I got blisters on my feet. I couldn’t have done it without the 2 friends with me. It was a bit challenging in and around the 5km when i wanted to sit down! But didn’t! I feel fantastic – the whisky and the bath-tub notwithstanding! I walked all of it! I can’t run because my knees cant support it. In fact I had knee Xrays done 2 weeks back. I thought I was doing it for Comhlamh but i ended up realising that i did it for myself. it was an eye-opener to see so many women running/walking for sisters, mothers, children, husbands, elderly, for hospices, for those suffering from some pain or the other. And it made me reflect upon  ‘apna gam kitna kum hai.’

Well done Nita and if you haven’t taken donated to her fund, then you can still do so.

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