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Why Not Become A Young Peace Builder In 2015?

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Since 1974, Glencree has engaged in peacebuilding and reconciliation in Ireland, north and south, and more recently, internationally. We work with former combatants, community leaders, victims/survivors, politicians, faith groups, young people and women.

Between June and October 2015 we will be running a project called Glencree Young Peacebuilders 2015 working with delegates (potential leaders and peacebuilders) from diverse backgrounds to engage with the core issues of Identity, the Legacy of Conflict in Ireland (north & south), Leadership, and Peacebuilding and Reconciliation.

We are looking people who are 18-24 years old, from or living in Ireland or Northern Ireland, up for a challenge, interested in cross-community and cross-border work, and in working with people of diverse backgrounds, keen to develop leadership skills, and curious about the idea of Peacebuilding.

Young Peacebuilders 2015 will create a safe space where delegates can connect through learning and dialogue in a group context. Delegates will be encouraged to identify and develop their skills in peacebuilding and leadership. Equip participants to have the confidence to apply these skills in their own home communities and across different communities on the island. It will also be an enjoyable and challenging experience.

Click here to find out more, including dates, or to apply.

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