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Have You Any Ideas For Our Next Two Editions Of Focus?

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Pictured: Colm Ashe  from Nurture Africa is seen here proof checking the first of our new look Focus magazines before we sent it to print.


We’ve made great strides with Focus over the past while, upping its print run to 5,000, making it fully self-sustainable and with a solid distribution network across the island.

Comhlámh is hoping to publish two more issues of Focus magazine before the year is out.

We’re looking for content ideas for our next two editions.

We’ve published all sorts. From TTIP and soccer to  solidarity with asylum seekers, from gender oppression to the water protests in Edenmore via Afrobeat.

All we ask from contributors is that they remember we are writing for a popular audience. None of our articles exceed 600 words and we place a high price on original interviews, research and provocative pieces that link the local and global.

We’ve pencilled in two hard and fast dates for publication. We’re having a shindig to celebrate our 40th Anniversary on September 8th. We’d like #focus97 back for that.

And we want to get #focus98 back for International Volunteer Day on December 5th.

So stick on your critical lens and get penning. If you need some inspiration, take a look through our last few issue.

Just drop us a message with your pitch.

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