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A Shamrock Appeal to celebrate and build peace

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Pictured: Barbara Sanga, 22 years old, is working actively with women in her community as Head of Programmes of the local peace committee in the 5th arrondissement, Bangui.Photo Credit and permission to use from Conciliation Resources / Tamanna Kalhar.

Bobby Lambert is a Comhlámh member and writes here about a new initiative to promote peace and reduce violence.

St Patrick’s Day is one of the biggest annual celebrations in the world and is a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness and funding for a very worthy cause: that of peace and specifically a world free from violence. Our own experience in Ireland shows that with hard work it is possible to build peace and remove violence as a serious threat.

The Shamrock Appeal aims to harness St Patrick’s Day to help celebrate a world free from violence and to raise funds to help make that world a reality.

There are good examples of how funds can be raised through similar appeals such as Comic Relief in the UK has raised over €1 billion since its launch in 1998. Funds raised through a Shamrock Appeal will be distributed through a charitable foundation to support practical peace-building initiatives in Ireland and around the world, such as those that support people like Barbara Sanga in her mission to reduce violence in her community in the Central African Republic.

We are currently registering as a charity, running a pilot this Paddy’s Day (mainly in Wexford) and preparing for an Ireland-wide appeal in 2017.

If you are interested in helping us pilot in 2016 and/or in planning for 2017, please get in touch.

Bobby Lambert Shamrock Foundation for “A world free from violence”

Find Out More Information on our website or our Facebook Page

Mobile +353 85 119 6698  |  skype: bobbylambert

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