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Digging Deeper

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This resource has emerged from a deep feeling of solidarity – solidarity with communities in Peru through the connection of Northern Irish woman Lynda Sullivan, solidarity with communities locally particularly with the Save Our Sperrins campaign, and solidarity with communities all over the world.

Digging Deeper


Digging Deeper: Exploring resource extraction and our connection with the earth!

What connects these communities? What are the shared struggles? What is the
learning and solidarity we can share with one another? Through this resource we will go deeper into these questions as different themes emerge –mining, resources, our connection with the earth – just to name a few.
Water is an example of an issue that connects us globally and something that cannot be ignored when we talk about resources and mining – and this will feature strongly in the resource. Other themes will also emerge, and through the approach we will use some of the shared issues will become
apparent as you delve deeper into the surface issues.
We will populate the resource with real-life stories; stories from individuals affected by the issues we are talking about in Peru and N. Ireland; stories from those who are creating real and attractive alternatives; stories from
brave individuals who refuse to accept that profit and greed should be valued more than people and planet.
As we have learned about the earth’s resources in preparation for this resource –
whether we talk about water or gold, coltan or copper – we have discovered the term ‘paradox of plenty’ to describe the ‘paradox’ of a country that is rich in resources but does not necessarily benefit from these resources, and even justice issues like conflict, community breakdown and inequality, can emerge as a result of having such resources within.
Where do we place ourselves in these often divisive issues? What are the different perspectives involved? What are the justice issues behind the immediate issues? What are the implications of resource extraction for
communities and the earth now, and for future generations?
The focus and purpose of this resource is an invitation to reconnect with ourselves and with Mother Earth, to understand the issues behind
resource exploitation, to generate a feeling of solidarity with and learning from communities all around the world, and to explore what
actions we can take as global citizens.
We hope that the views, opinions and questions of the students participating in the enclosed activities will be learning for all of us. We hope that the students will connect to the issues from their hearts as well as their heads. We hope that we will stimulate new ways into age-old debates around resource extraction
and the impact of mining on communities.
We hope you enjoy it. You can download as a pdf here

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