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headerThe Basic Income! What’s it all about? April 5th 2017

#FirstWeds Comhlámh

The Basic Income! What’s it all about?

The debates around Basic Income are growing, but what is it? A guaranteed payment to each citizen to ensure no one lives in poverty! Is this too good to be true? Could this transform the tax and welfare system, eliminate poverty traps, free up people’s creative potential and recognise and support voluntary effort? Is this a local and global panacea for poverty elimination, a game-changer in helping deliver the Sustainable Development Goals? Or might it be a Trojan Horse to provide political cover for the elimination of social programmes and the privatisation of social services?

Join us on the night and discuss these and other issues – learn about the concept, where the discussions are at and find out what is happening in pilots around the globe from countries as far apart as Kenya to Finland. 

Check out the panel and more infor here


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