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You can become involved in Comhlámh’s work as a member. Why not sign up today?

There are several active groups working within Comhlámh. These groups are made up of volunteers and members who have an interest in global justice and development issues, and want to make a difference.

Settling into our members room.

The groups are open to anyone – you don’t have to be an expert, we all learn together! All you need is an interest in global inequalities and a desire to get active and work together with like-minded people.

Does this sound like you? If you’d like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you, so please do get in touch.

We really value all levels of commitment and contribution from our members and supporters; we can’t do it without you!

Pictured: We have a wonderful members room to host our active groups when they want to have planning meetings, discussions or events. 

Find out more about our active groups:

 Trade Justice


The Trade Justice Group is a group of volunteers who care about global justice. We raise awareness of how unfair trade rules prevent some of the poorest countries in the world from moving out of poverty.

Countries of the Global South lose much more through unfair trade rules than they receive in aid from rich countries. The Trade Justice Group believes that trade should be used as a tool for poor countries to develop. For this to happen, global trade rules need to change.

Read more about the work of the group here.

 Options and Issues

The Options and Issues group was originally set up by a number of returned development workers who wanted to examine the role of the development worker in the broad context of development.

The group has developed in its current form to include returned volunteers with a focus on facilitating and developing Comhlámh’s Options and Issues in Global Development course. The course is aimed at anyone interested in volunteering for development overseas or in Ireland. The course aims to critically examine the:

  •  Role of the development worker/volunteer;
  •  Motivations and expectations;
  •  Types of agencies and projects;
  •  As well as offering participants an opportunity to meet with returned volunteers and those working in global development in Ireland.

The group meets 3 times a year (weekday evenings) and commit to facilitate two weekend courses a year. Participating in the group offers you the opportunity to develop your facilitation and training skills, work in the field of development education, as well as input into the development of the course content. It is a great way to meet other returned volunteers and development workers.

 40th Birthday

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If you’ve ever had anything to do with us over the years, you’ll know that Comhlámh works best when our members take the initiative. It’s that type of space.

We’re going to raid our archive for multimedia content to feed social media over the next few months to highlight the range of activity that has come from us over the years.

Be that pioneering development education, to introducing Fair Trade to Ireland, doing solidarity work with asylum seekers and new communities in the 1990s to climate justice and anti-globalisation activity in the noughties and today’s trade justice work. It’s going to be an interesting period of reflection.

There’s even chat about an exhibition, and perhaps a large debate followed by a hooley. This is a chance to build our membership and promote the solidarity circle. To reach out to members old and new, form exciting alliances and forge new friendships in the struggle for a just and equitable world.

 The Dympna Meaney Fund


Mary van Lieshout, Mark Cummins & Ivana Bacik at the launch of the Dympna Meaney Fund.

The Dympna Meaney Women’s Leadership Development Fund is being set up to connect women leaders from the global south with skills building opportunities to strengthen their contribution to global human rights

Dympna Meaney (1957—1991) was a global solidarity activist based in Dublin, Ireland, whose work was infused by passion for equality and social justice. She inspired and empowered all those who came in contact with her.

Her untimely death on 10 December 1991 in a cycle accident in Dublin robbed us of a great champion in the fight for gender equality and human rights. Through the Dympna Meaney Women’s Leadership Development Fund, friends and former colleagues, aim to ensure Dympna’s vision for justice and solidarity lives on.

We are a micro philanthropic effort and provide bursaries to women leaders from the global south who are working to promote human rights and equality.

Click here to find out more about the fund.



Focus is the magazine of Comhlámh, the Irish association of development workers and volunteers. Comhlámh – Irish for solidarity – aims to remind our readers that they do not stand alone on this globe. Focus informs its readers about issues of global justice, whether they involve farmers in Africa or refugees in Ireland. But Focus is about more than information. It is about engagement, about showing our readers the avenues they can take to change our world.

Click here to find out more…

 Creative Writing Group


The Creative Writing group is a peer led group that meets every fortnight in the Comhlámh offices – for anyone who has lived or worked overseas and would like to join a group of people with similar experiences to write and create together (no previous experience of writing necessary!).
We meet every second Tuesday and every week a different member of the group facilitates the session by bringing along two or three prompts that generate short writing sessions. We then read our new writing aloud to one another and respond positively and with praise to all in the group. Every session has a unique new topic and tone, but we always return to our common interest as Comhlamh members, which are social justice, human rights and global development issues.

If you would like to come along to write, read and respond check our Facebook page for dates and times of our next meeting or contact [email protected]

 Belfast Group


Comhlámh Belfast is a group for members in N. Ireland who have come together to collaborate on global justice issues in Belfast and throughout N. Ireland, connecting with campaigns local and global and raising awareness through global education. The group has recently been involved in organising storytelling events, action and activity against mining, drawing on recent campaigns in N. Ireland and Peru, and linking with different initiatives in N. Ireland, bringing a global justice perspective.

Meetings are every 6 weeks or so in a city centre location in Belfast. To find out more about this group, or to join the next meeting, contact Gráinne [email protected] or check out the facebook page..

 The Palestine/Israel Development Education group

balloon float away

The Palestine/Israel Development Education group are a group of Comhlámh members and supporters who have come together to research and learn about the conflict in this region.  The membership of the group includes those who have worked in the region as volunteers and those who have not but who have an interest to learn.  The group is keen to raise awareness about the history and current situation of the conflict.


What we do?


The group has organised one public event in November 2015 as it sought to connect up with the wider Development Education sector and engage them on how the conflict can be brought through Development Education methodologies to those interested to explore their knowledge and perspectives with a view to taking actions on the issues.  The group is currently working on putting together a six week Dev Ed course on the Palestine/Israel question. The course will cover a wide range of topics on the history of the conflict right up to current daily living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. There will also be expert guest speakers brought in to talk about their specialised areas. The course is being aimed at people who would be interested to learn and explore what is going on in this region, including those with little prior knowledge.  Development Education approaches aim to encourage critical enquiry, so it will be a very participatory course that will facilitate participants to consider what action they can take on the issues in Palestine/Israel. The aim is for the course to run here in Comhlámh and will hopefully commence early April.

Members Talk about Comhlámh

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