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Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)


TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement) is a new trade deal that is currently being negotiated between the EU and the US. The Trade Justice Group have serious concerns that this deal is putting the interests of corporations ahead of ordinary people, undermining our democratic rights, threatening our food and safety standards here in Europe as well as having negative impacts on the Global South and the environment. Please see our flyer with more information on some of our concerns online.


Ways to support this campaign:

  • Let your election candidates know your concerns about TTIP and find out whether they will support or oppose this deal if they’re elected. (We can send on candidates’ email addresses if you let us know your constituency).
  • Keep us updated on what your candidates say so we can update the Comhlámh website with their answers.
  • Tweet your candidates and ask them about their position on TTIP using #GE16 and  #ttip hashtags
  • Share this information with a few friends and ask them to support the campaign too.

Find out the different political parties’ positions on TTIP at the ATTAC website here

Find out more about TTIP through the TTIP information network website or Facebook page.


The Trade Justice group has also been working with others to organise stunt actions that highlight the threat of GM foods, supporting the growth of the TTIP Information Network and sending members to international meetings in Europe.


Here’s what our members have been writing on TTIP on the Comhlámh blog and in Focus magazine.




Trade Justice Group

Who we are

The Trade Justice Group is a group of Comhlámh members and supporters who care about global justice. We raise awareness of how unfair trade rules prevent some of the poorest countries in the world from moving out of poverty.

Countries of the Global South lose much more through unfair trade rules than they receive in aid from rich countries. The Trade Justice Group believes that trade should be used as a tool for poor countries to develop. For this to happen, global trade rules need to change.

What we do

The Trade Justice Group has spearheaded a number of campaigns in Ireland IN response to emerging trade justice issues. Meeting every second Tuesday, the group’s activities range from contributing to consultations to awareness raising photo stunts. Have a read of some of the campaigns here.




Alternative Trade Mandate

Among the group’s strongest recent successes was leading out on the #AlternativeTradeMandate campaign in the run up to the European elections in May 2015.  The campaign called on European Parliament election candidates to make EU trade policy serve people and the planet. The group combined a digital media strategy with personal lobbying to get 14 MEP candidates to support measures that enable people to control their own local food systems as well as core labour standards and human rights’ assessments of EU trade policy.

Rana Plaza

RANA PLAZAThe group contributed to educational and consciousness raising work through the organisation of a debate around the garment industry. The group also took part in actions to mark the first anniversary of the disaster at Rana Plaza as part of the Clean Clothes campaign.

Alongside this, they provide regular analysis and updates for Comhlámh’s website and magazine Focus.


Pictured: Barry Finnegan of the TTIP Information Network speaks at a #FirstWeds debate.

Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

Recently, the group have been coming around to activity on TTIP, working with others to organise stunt actions that highlight the threat of GM foods, supporting the growth of the TTIP Information Network and sending members to international meetings in Brussels.

Here’s what our members have been writing on TTIP on the Comhlámh blog and in Focus magazine.



If you are interested in becoming involved in the group, just get in touch with the office.

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