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Work Shiloh House Ballyboy, Ferns Co Wexford Ireland Work Phone: 0539367736 Website: Agape Adventures Website


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Agapé Adventures is an Irish organisation providing quality volunteering projects all over the world. Our projects cover a wide range of skills development opportunities including: Teaching; Environmental Education / Conservation Care; Youth Work; Construction; Community Development – Homeless / Drug Rehabilitation Support; Animal Welfare; Mechanics; Creative Arts; Childcare & more. Projects run in Europe (including grant funded projects), USA, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Mozambique, UK & Canada…to name just a few! We believe passionately in the process of volunteering and our focus is “changing lives through spirit service and adventure!”



Age Requirements


Language Requirements

No language skills required, although for some projects a basic understanding of the host language would be beneficial

Disability Access

We have a limited number of projects open to volunteers with disabilities

Education Requirement

Generally no specific qualifications are required, however certain animal care projects require experience in the field of care / veterinary experience

Other Requirements

The majority of projects are open to anyone, however, some projects require a certain level of skill / interest, for example in conservation or teaching.

Application Procedure

The recruitment process begins as soon as you send in the application form. From there we will start the journey with you to find the best possible project to fit your aims. The interview we conduct is relaxed and informal – so there’s no need to worry! We will chat through the different projects you are interested in, and together we’ll work out which might be best suited to your needs. Once we’ve met with you, we will follow up your references for our projects’ safeguarding, and then once everything’s in place we will arrange for you to speak to the project, and where possible to visit them. This is an opportunity for you to ask any question you feel is important to you. There is no such thing as a silly question – if it’s important to you, then it will be important during your project experience. This is your opportunity to put your mind at ease. It is also the project’s opportunity to find out more about you, and to describe in more detail the type of work you will be involved in, the area you’ll be living in, and the people you’ll be working with – exciting!


Yes. Basic cost for long-term projects (6 months plus) start at €1500


You will receive; Accommodation; Food / food allowance; Monthly stipend; Training; Support for duration of your project, and all work related costs such as in-country transport expenses etc. You will also receive an Adventure Package during your serve, which will be tailored to your interests. Some examples of the options included are: white water rafting, bungee jumping, horse riding, cookery classes, mountaineering and more!

Work Individually/In Teams

Some volunteers work in teams, others as individuals.

Code Of Practice

Signatory to Comhlámh Code of Good Practice

Volunteer Charter

Agapé Adventures is an approved sending organisation under the European Commission’s EVS programme, and as such we subscribe to the volunteer’s rights and responsibilities. We subscribe to the European Commission’s Volunteer charter (under EVS) & adhere to BSI standards.

In Country Support

Full time in-country support is provided

Pre Programme Training

Approximately one month prior to departure, we gather all our applicants together for two – three days in a tranquil setting in South East Ireland. This time gives you opportunity to reflect on the journey you are about to begin – both practically and emotionally. We spend time together covering a range of topics relevant to your trip, and delivered using a variety of methods, encouraging discussion, as well as allowing time for contemplation and private planning. Areas covered in Pre-Departure training include: Why am I here?! Understanding your motives, & how this experience will impact your life; Culture Shock – what is it, how might it affect me, & how do I get through it?; Safeguarding yourself abroad; Boundaries & professional volunteering; Child Protection – basic awareness. National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) awareness course; Making the most of your experience – Goal setting, living in a foreign language, & effectively recording your time; Luggage & Baggage – Emotional preparation; Agapé 4 Life & you. An insight to how our charity supports your project

Post-Programme Debriefing

As soon as possible following your return to Ireland (no later than 3 weeks), we gather all those who have been abroad for a time of reflection and discussion. This training session is an overnight stay in the same location as the pre-departure training. Whilst the group may not be the same as during your pre-departure training, it is nevertheless an important session to attend. We believe that any overseas experience will have an impact on the individual in many different ways, and it is important to give time to reflect on what has been learnt and how this experience can be used in the future. Even the negative experiences can be useful in life, if unpacked and explored properly, if left to fester they can taint what was otherwise a productive and happy experience. Areas covered in Re-entry training include: Reverse Culture Shock. What is it & how do I cope?; Understanding your experience in the context of your life back home; Telling your story – How to communicate your experience effectively; What now? How will you use this experience to help others? How can Agapé assist your future plans?

Contact with Returned Volunteers

Where possible yes






Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, India, Rwanda, Malaysia, Nepal, Mozambique, Bangladesh, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Albania, Hungary, Estonia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium.


Children/Young People

Community Development





0-4 Weeks

1-3 Months

4-6 Months

7-12 Months

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